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At Caballus Equine Ltd. we offer a premier first-opinion veterinary service for your horse, pony or donkey with the personal touch. Reliable, professional and cost-effective veterinary treatment to meet the demands of a discerning owner.

Caballus Equine Ltd. is located in the Ventnor area of Isle Of Wight. There are at least 2 other listings in the PO38 postcode area.

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Number of Employees: 2

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The November 2018 edition of Saddle Up! Magazine is here! We hope you enjoy the read. Please share it with your friends!
11/1/2018 12:51:42 PM

Interesting afternoon scanning tendons at Allendale Equestrian Centre. Our portable ultrasound machine can be easily taken to yards and provides high quality images, allowing us to give accurate prognoses and management plans. This is aided by the colour Doppler feature that shows blood flow to lesions and allows us to better assess healing. The scanner can also prove useful for colics, where it can allow gut motility to be assessed, impactions to be visualised and rectal findings confirmed. It's even possible to ultrasound eyes, the temporomandibular joints and lumps and swellings.
10/24/2018 10:14:27 PM

Congratulations to Yaz on a successful day of show-jumping.
9/30/2018 6:29:51 PM 🐴Please Click on above link🐴😊
9/12/2018 3:30:24 PM

Vaccinations due? Or any queries regarding your horses vaccination schedule, feel free to call us for any further information or advice... 😊🐴 ✨✨Useful link below ✨✨ Equine Influenza: a horse owner’s guide webinar.
9/12/2018 10:25:04 AM

Equine Cushing’s Disease assessment checklist & Laminitis assessment checklist sheets are available from us. Lots of information & advice. Feel free to ask us for one or both of these when you see us next OR phone the office if you have any concerns about your horse or pony😊🐴 ☎️ 07403 129075
9/12/2018 9:57:43 AM

Did you know that a pony with a pot belly could have equine Cushing’s disease (PPID)? Head over to to download the comprehensive equine Cushing’s disease check list to make sure you can recognise all the symptoms of the condition, or ask for a copy from us. 😊 If you are concerned that your horse or pony may be showing any of these signs call the practice on ☎️07403 129075 to arrange an appointment. If your vet advises you to test for this condition, voucher codes for a free blood test* can be generated at *Laboratory fee only
9/12/2018 9:42:47 AM

Can you confidently spot the signs of laminitis?🤓🐴 Take a look at the laminitis check list, to ensure you don’t miss any of the early symptoms of laminitis in your horse or pony. Download your copy from or collect one from us. If you are concerned that your horse or pony may be showing any of these signs call the practice on ☎️07403 129075 to speak to us.
9/12/2018 9:31:36 AM

Acorn Alert! Acorn poisoning is an Autumnal pasture-associated problem. Acorns contain high concentrations of tannins, especially when green. Signs to watch for: constipation diarrhoea that is sometimes bloody colic oedema (swelling of the abdomen or legs) frequent urination There is no specific test for acorn poisoning but general blood profiles may show raised gut, liver and kidney enzymes and it is common for affected horses to be dehydrated. Death can result from kidney failure. It is vital to start treatment as soon as possible as the longer the horse is left the greater the chance of irreversible damage. Treatment comprises fluid therapy to help to protect the vital organs and speed up gut transit, together with activated charcoal to absorb toxins. To avoid this problem you should fence off areas adjacent to oak trees and pick up acorns and oak leaves. Anecdotally, there are reports of horses becoming ‘addicted’ to eating acorns, presumably because they like the taste. Should you have any concerns then please contact us on 07403129075 and we will be happy to advise you further.
9/7/2018 4:48:33 PM

Atypical Myopathy It’s getting towards the time of year when we have to start worrying about atypical myopathy, a serious condition associated with ingestion of Sycamore seeds, seedlings and leaves. The Sycamore tree (Acer pseudoplatanus) contains a toxin, hypoglycin A, which causes muscle damage resulting in serious clinical signs, including: lethargy red or brown urine weakness muscle tremors and twitching colic sweating laboured breathing irregular heartbeat sudden death Cases are commonly seen in Autumn due to seeds falling onto pasture. Toxin levels vary from seed to seed and some horses may be more susceptible than others. Luckily, there are several tests available to help diagnose the condition. These include general blood tests for muscle damage and also more specific blood tests for the toxin, hypoglycin A. It is also possible to test seeds for levels of hypoglycin A. Treatment relies on fluid therapy, pain relief, vitamins and anti-oxidants. There is a 50:50 chance of survival if treatment commences within the first 24-48 hours of clinical signs. Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Horse Fence off any pasture adjoining Sycamore trees Try to remove any seeds and leaves from pasture, especially after strong winds Provide plenty of hay or haylage If a case is identified then it is vital to remove all horses from that pasture. It is a myth to think that because horses have been on the same pasture for years that they are immune or that the pasture is safe. Should you have any concerns then please contact us on 07403129075 and we will be happy to advise you further.
9/7/2018 4:39:32 PM

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